Church Commentators

It’s always fun to read the rantings of those who think they know what the Church should, could, and would do if it was perfect (like the Commentator, of course.)
Here’s a nugget about the election of Pope Benedict from the man who wrote “God’s Hit Man”

“We needed a retreat from the high papacy of JPII. He tried to be omnipresent and was up for every gig that you could poke a stick at,” Dr Collins said.

I can imagine JPII surrounded by a gaggle of cardinals, bishops and monsignors: “I hear the MGM Grand is spectacular. If Babs can play there, I can. Get me booked there before the end of ’04 or you’re going to be transferred to the Congregation of the Vatican Latrines. And make sure you tell the Boy Scout Troop 717 I’ll be there for Columbus day. C’mon people – I want to do every gig that I can poke a stick at!”
And more:

“In Benedict we have a more modest approach — he’s got a better grip of the true role of the pope, which is partly to inspire others to use their gifts.”

I’m sure Dr. Collins feels more inspired. And that’s what counts.
Here’s another equally stupid tidbit from the same article:

Another church commentator, Fr. Ephraim Chifley, said the curia was likely to be frightened of the new pope because he used to be one of them.

More useless insights from the full article here.


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