This is an outrage

A sex toy “workshop” in a Catholic Church. (Link via Dom)
Why not call it was it is – a sexual deviancy workshop. It’s not like this woman is going to give a presentation on the virtue of purity or overcoming same-sex attraction.
Dom is right, the Archdiocese of New York should hear about this.


  1. Just by reading their bulletin, there’s no doubt that this is one of the more liberal parishes I’ve ever seen. I guess I’ve lead a pretty sheltered life here in Maine all my life. I don’t know any of our 168 parishes to be quite that far left. Is that life in the BIG CITY? Well, gawwwwwly. I’d be quite a Gomer in a NYC Catholic church I guess.

  2. BTW…if you click on their “Social Groups and Organizations” link, this church has no fewer than three groups dedicated to homosexuals. All I can think is that this parish’s facilities are the only ones within a many-mile radius in the city that provide any kind of social service. Whatever happened to sponsoring Boy Scout troops or the Ladies of Isabella?

  3. LOL! True enough, though the Boy Scouts of America probably wouldn’t allow themselves to be affiliated with this parish anyway.

  4. Fwiw, the event was scheduled for last Friday, so we can’t prevent it at this point. If anyone near the parish has more info about the case, let us know.

  5. … And as I pointed out on HMS Blog in re-echoing Dom’s call, perhaps one should write not only the Archdiocese, but also the NY province of the SJ.

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