Our music director gave the choir a week off, so I went to another church this week.
It didn’t get off to a good start, ’cause when I arrived, their choir was practicing a song in which they were congratulating us all about our “diversity” and wanting to “sing a new church into being.” So from diversitie, they went on to heresie.
To my relief, I saw on the hymn board that they were going to sing it as a recessional ditty, and that would solve the problem. I wouldn’t have to be under the same roof with them while they were singing it; I could just leave quickly after the dismissal, in case God were to drop the Big One on them.
Anyway, I like the pastor there: he preached well, and he talked about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Mass was not completely as usual, because he performed a baptism for an infant, and the steps in that rite were interpolated into the Mass at various points.
At one point, he spoke about the duties of the parents and godparents: that little Sean Joseph needed to “learn the difference between good and evil and how to choose evil and avoid good, and someone is going to have to teach him to choose evil and avoid good.”
Huh? So maybe they were singing a new church into being after all? Nah.
I don’t know if anybody else noticed his verbal flub. I couldn’t help chuckling and making a “swap those two things” gesture. For whatever reason, he paused, and then went on with his explanations, and didn’t have any more glitches.
A friend who used to direct music at that church told me later: don’t worry, they’ll probably never sing that song again: the pastor detests it.
Like I said, I think he’s a good guy.