The Associated Press has now picked up, in English, the latest scandal alleging Maciel sexually molested his son and adopted step-son:

During a radio interview Wednesday, Lara Gutierrez charged that Maciel, who died in 2008 at age 87, sexually abused one of his two sons with her as well as a son she had from a previous relationship. The sons, now adults named Jose Raul and Omar, said the abuse went on for years.

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If your stomach still isn’t turning, Giselle offers an additional update at Life-After-RC:

More from a friend who speaks Spanish. First son recounts his abuse starting at age seven (including photos, for Maciel to keep as mementos). It got so bad that he became sexually confused and asked his dad if he could see a psychiatrist. MM says he knew a really good one in Spain and sends him over (to stay with “Auntie Norma” the other wife) and he begins counseling.

As a canonist, I’m trying to look at this latest revelation as dispassionately as I can. As a Catholic, I trust Pope Benedict to do the right thing with the AV. But as a parent to children in the same age range as Maciel’s when the LC founder began to abuse them, I have only one reaction: SHUT. IT. DOWN.