Fr. Owen Kearns apologizes

Here is a snippet from the National Catholic Register:

I regret that in my defense of Father Maciel I took to task Gerald Renner and Jason Berry, the writers who broke the story, and their editors at the Hartford Courant. They didn’t get everything about the Legion right but they were fundamentally correct about Father Maciel’s sexual abuse and I ask forgiveness — too late for Gerald Renner, who is deceased.
To Father Maciel’s victims, I pray you can accept these words: I’m sorry for what our founder did to you. I’m sorry for adding to your burden with my own defense of him and my accusations against you. I’m sorry for being unable to believe you earlier. I’m sorry this apology has taken so long.

Click here to read the whole apology.

UPDATE: Finding Christ outside LC/RC

There’s a reason the early Christians shared their personal testimony of how they encountered Christ. For most of us, a good story captures the imagination much more readily than dry theological treatises. Which is why I’m happy to see so many former LC/RC/3gf emerging in the blogosphere to share their personal stories of leaving Maciel’s movement. One never knows when the Holy Spirit will use your story to help others in a similar situation. By sharing the truth of your experience with the movement, Christ is setting you and others free.

Why must orthodox Catholic fight orthodox Catholic?

Jo Flemings, who I read somewhere is a convert from protestantism and the Catholic mother of a large family – including one Legion apostolic and a Legion brother (seminarian), I believe – responded in the comments section of Bonum’s blog. She asked why the alleged victims don’t come forward and alert authorities. I believe her question is sincere, given that two of her sons are with the Legion if I have understood correctly. She is obviously a mother concerned about her children. This discussion cannot be easy on her. Especially since Bonum is now part of a profession where human lives literally depend upon one’s honesty and integrity. Thus one can presume his trustworthiness.

Novena for friends & family caught in LC/RC

Over the past year I have heard the stories of several good, orthodox Catholics stuck in LC/RC. Some were related to me by friends and family. Others by the individuals themselves. With the Feast of Divine Mercy past us for another year, I will be starting a novena on Monday, April 12 for those individuals who feel stuck in Maciel’s methodology. This novena will be to Our Lady of Good Remedy.