So today is Cardinal Law’s

So today is Cardinal Law’s big day. I suppose at this point the general public knows enough to declare a verdict on Law’s leadership – and we’re wondering why he’s still wearing the red hat in Boston. Personally, I think he’d look good in stripes. (scroll down a bit)

Who turned on the pitch distortion machine!

:: Diocesan Choir

John’s wife and I attended a rehearsal for the Diocesan Choir last night. John would have been there if not for his pesky exam. The choir is doing the Diocesan Confirmation Mass as well as the Ordination Mass coming up shortly. The group is pretty big and has a nice sound. They are guilty of a couple of choral cardinal sins that I know John harps on us about incessantly in our rehearsals. No doubt he’ll have something to add about this. In fact I think he should write a paper on it and do clinics with Church choirs.

“LORRRRDHEARRRROURRRRRRRRRRPRAYERRRRRRRRR! He’s listening but I dare say He’d answer our prayers if we took the “R’s” out when singing. Don’t EVAH close your mouth to make an “R” sound. In this case “LAHD” with a clear “D” at the end sounds wonderful.
I dare say that all the pitch problems in a choir come from two things. They usually occur simultaneously. First, someone doesn’t support the sound they are making with the proper posture and breathing. Second, they don’t sing the same vowel sound as everyone else. Take “Lord” from the first example. If half the choir is singing “LAAAAAAAAAAAHD” and the other half is singing “LORRRRRRRRRRRRRD” it is going to be out of tune. Match the vowel sound and the pitch won’t be a problem either. Of course you can’t breath in and support the sound if you’re sitting back in your chair with your legs crossed like you are sitting in front of the TV watching “Mother Angelica Live.” Sit up straight with your feet on the floor, breath into your gut and support it with your diaphram and you’ll be supporting the sound you’re making.

Got anything to add, John?

According to Mark Shea we

According to Mark Shea we are “sensible blokes!” I don’t know about John, but I’ve been called a lot worse! Mark Shea is one of the giants of Catholic Apologetics – he’s widely read, seen and heard. Converts make the best apologists you know. We should all have the same passion for the faith!

I’m my circle of faithful friends I’ve noticed a crucial difference between many of the cradle Catholics and adult converts. Many people who grew up in the Church accept the faith because they grew up with it. Adult coverts, especially people who converted from being mere Christians or Protestants, know the faith. They’ll engaged their mind and heart in search for the truth and found it in the Catholic Church. They see the richness of Scripture and Church tradition and they know it not only in the sense of believing, through their study and reflection they see it is true.

Mark Shea has written some great books about his journey. I also recommend the following:

The Lamb’s Supper by Scott Hahn

Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn

The Salvation Controversy by James Akin

All these were written by converts to Catholicism. Their intellectual rigor and sincerity of faith is truly inspiring!