Advertising for Killer Spinach!

Stopping by the local Giant supermarket yesterday, I saw this curious juxtaposition:

(Click to see a slightly larger view.) It’s a warning about tainted spinach that has sickened hundreds and even killed at least one person. Next to it is a Halloween decoration with a pile of skulls. I don’t think it was a warning or a joke. But it sure is funny, at least in a macabre kind of way.

Excuse us, may we join your world?

A few weeks ago, the NYT offered the fascinating story of a group of jungle-dwelling people in Colombia that decided to give up its nomadic life and come out of the bush.
Alas for the Nukak, introducing aboriginal people into settled life brings risks to their culture, their health, and even their mental health. They came out to “join the white family” for their own safety, as Communist guerrillas and coca growers are operating in their area.
(via The Confessionator)