Adamant refusal

No, dear advertisers of office equipment, despite your commercials on the radio, I am not going to “give the gift of productivity this Christmas”.
Is there anything more contrary to the spirit of Christmas gift-giving than concerns about productivity?
Have an efficient Christmas, everybody! HO HO– now, that’s enough, get back to work.

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Holy Typo, Batman

We sang Amazing Grace today.
In the program it was “Amazon Grace”
I think someone in the parish office has been spending too much time on the Internet…

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Heard in the homily

During Wednesday’s Mass, the homilist said, “Are you willing to put on God’s gym shorts?”
I found that an arresting expression.
“Are you willing to train?” he went on.

Vote for the Incredibles

Okay, it’s been a long time since I posted anything to Catholic Light. A really long time — seven months, according to the blog software. I guess I got out of the blogging habit, and I’ve been rather disgusted with the state of affairs in the world. That’s something that normally inspires me to write, but this time it’s had the opposite effect. I do plan to write more frequently.
Even though I’ve been gone for a while, I have a request. A couple of offices in my building had a Halloween contest, and several of my colleagues and I dressed accordingly:

(click to enlarge)
Not to pat ourselves on the back, but it takes courage to dress in tights when you’re working for the Nameless Entity. You can encourage this by voting in the American Apparel costume contest. Just go to the page here…
…then click the “Start Scoring” link in the upper right. You’ll have to vote for a bunch of lame costumes before you get to ours. When you vote for ours, I don’t want to tell you what to do — just listen to your conscience. (Hint: your conscience wants to rate the costumes as a “5”.)
The superheroes thank you for your support.

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