Looking a gift album in the mouth

LOL. The headline has it right. Seen on Slashdot:

Apple Outrages Users By Automatically Installing U2’s Album On Their Devices

Apple may have succeeded at breaking two records at once with the free release of U2’s latest album, titled Songs of Innocence, via iTunes. But now, it looks like it’s also on track to become one of the worst music publicity stunts of all time.

Users who have opted to download new purchases to their iPhones automatically have found the new U2 album sitting on their phones. But even if iTunes users hadn’t chosen automatic downloads, Songs of Innocence will still be displayed as an “iTunes in the Cloud” purchase. That means it will still be shown as part of your music library, even if you delete all the tracks. The only way to make the U2 album go away is to go to your Mac or PC and hide all of your “iTunes in the Cloud” purchases, or to use iTunes to manually hide each track from your purchased items list.

Other reactions include rapper, Tyler, The Creator, saying that having the new U2 album automatically downloaded on his iPhone was like waking up with a STD.

Yes, some of Apple’s customers are just seething with rage at having an unwanted free U2 album added to their libraries or automatically downloaded to their phones. They are offended. They are *outraged*. They are ridiculously overreacting. It’s laughable. Really, if you know one of these people, make popcorn.

One of my FB friends was so outraged at Apple that he declared the company was in “deep trouble” and he was going to call the Federal government over it. I teased him, saying: let us know how that phone call goes, and he banished me from his FB friends list. The poor bubby. His pretty phone has turned into a case of ‪#‎firstworldproblems‬.

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