We’ve arrived!

OK, after a few days of transition, this site and the other blogs of stblogs.org are now running on WordPress.

Here’s hoping this adds to your listening and dancing pleasure.


  1. And I re-imported the posts from the old site, after correcting a problem that left some posts incomplete.

    And I think I’m pretty much done.

  2. Worked on the handling of URLs: the exporter module in Movable Type must be antiquated, as it follows an old convention for URLs, separating words with underscores instead of hyphens, although MT switched to hyphens years ago.

    So I wrote a little Perl code to change the exported output. Getting rid of this discrepancy lets me drop some web server redirects I’d installed to map old links with hyphens into the new URLs with underscores.

    Re-imported the old posts.

  3. One more fix: I installed the webfonts locally instead of using Google Fonts, since Google doesn’t deliver them in a form that renders well on some popular browsers. Man, they looked ragged. It’s better now.

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