Pope Benedict enters contemplative life

I wonder what effect the Pope’s departure into a quasi-monastic life will have on the world of vocations: i.e., on the aspirations of Catholics seeking the Lord in consecrated life. By making prayer and seeking the face of God the center of day-to-day life, he is giving a profound witness. By disappearing from the stage of the world, he is declaring the primacy of the spiritual. He is reminding us of the precious value of the contemplative life, the life of prayer, and in particular of the sacred liturgy in which man turns to God and finds him.
Dare we hope that his example will inspire many to follow?

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  1. We should dare! By the way, I just browsed eBay to see if Sede Vacante stamps are available. Someone is already auctioning the complete set including the commemorative envelopes. Such historic events!

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