They may have to give this up at some point.

The graphics department at EWTN stuck the “Gospa” of Medjugorje on their highlights flyer for the summer. Are they back to promoting the would-be apparition, or was it just an inadvertence?
Oh, well, it’s no big deal: maybe they’ll give it up if and when the Vatican finally rules the case false.
For now, I call this: putting the “Ew!” in EWTN. :-)
(h/t: semperficatholic)


  1. Richard, the “Gospa” image you refer to is in fact the head of the Immaculate Conception statue of which there are many copies, especially in Italy where they are made.
    The particular statue that you refer to is not at Medjugorje but at a church in Tihalina (B+H).
    How the statue came to be associated with Medjugorje is that after his release from prison Fr Jozo Zovko was transferred to the Tihalina parish. Italian pilgrims would come and visit him, and one group brought this statue from Italy to give to the church.
    During his talks to visitors and pilgrims Fr Jozo would hand out pictures of the statue.
    The statue that depicts the Gospa of Medjugorje is entirely different. The orginal copy was situated in St James Church in Medjugorje, but the local bishop asked that it be removed, which it was.
    A new statue and its replicas depict Our Lady with her left hand placed on her heart and her right hand extended in welcome.
    The time that this statue is seen is usually at the Youth Festival on the outside altar. It is never displayed inside the church. The only statue of Our Lady inside St James church is one depicting Our Lady of Lourdes.
    The statue that EWTN has used was in circulation long before the start of the Medjugorje phenomenon in 1981. Hope this explanation gets EWTN off the hook.

  2. As I look the photo of our Virgin Mary, I really do remember all those prayers that’s been answered even those impossible one. God knows how thankful I am and if things seems weary, I always do give everything to the God’s will. He knows what is best for me and for my love ones. All I got to do is to trust Him above all.
    Anna Marie
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