Apology to Dr. Edward Peters

I’ve removed my earlier post ‘Canon Law, Ed Peters and me’.
There were a number of problems which, when brought to my attention, I agree were problematical on my part, and I apologize to Dr. Peters:
– I don’t know what previous experiences Dr. Peters has had with the LC/RC, therefore I have no business speculating on whether he was surprised by revelations about Fr. Maciel.
– It referred to a private conversation that I initiated. This was unprofessional on my part, and I offer no excuses. Especially when I reported that he did not seem to concerned about our differences, which I had no business reporting or speculating upon.
– In so doing I suggested more familiarity between us than is the case, as we have never met in real life or worked on any canon law project together.
– Dr. Peters was not calling for the suppression and reconstitution of the LC/RC, but is suggesting it as a possibility.
Additionally, while I believe I reported accurately when I said Dr. Peters’ response tended to focus more on the structural problems these revelations suggest, whereas I was asking more the question what do we do with current LC/RC members, I in no way was implying or intended to imply that Dr. Peters is not equally concerned about what to do with these people.
Therefore I apologize again to Dr. Peters. There is no excuse for this lapse in professional judgment, and I pray I have not tarnished Dr. Peters’ reputation in any way.

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