At the Birth of Jesus -St. Teresa of Avila

Giles, today there comes to
redeem us
A shepherd boy, our kinsman,
God Omnipotent!
He frees us from
Satan’s prison;
But he is kin of Bras,
Menga, and Llorente,
Oh, He is God Omnipotent!
If He be God, why sold
And crucified dies?
Giles, in His suffering innocently,
Do you see, He vanquished sin?
He is God Omnipotent.
Oh, I saw Him being born
Of a shepherdess most fair.
If He is God, why did He
Among such poor folk to be?
See you not that He is Omnipotent?
No more questioning,
Let us serve Him
Llorente, since He comes to die,
Let us die with Him.
He is God Omnipotent.