“The Passion”

Rob Diaz has posted a link to the trailer for Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”. You could probably just play it as a stream off that link, but I’d suggest you download it to your own machine first. You’re gonna want to see it more than once.


  1. Is this film going for a wide theatrical release? Despite its noble intentions and apparent quality and attention to detail, I just can’t see it doing well at the box office in the U.S. and Canada.
    My suspicion is that it will make the art-house theater rounds instead, which is a shame only because it will limit the film’s availability to those who do not live a reasonable distance from an art-house theater, like ME! I’ve had over two weeks to see _Charlie’s Angels II_ (with two showings daily, no less) just two blocks walking distance from here, but will have to probably drive over three hours to get a chance to see _The Passion_.

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