I got your GIRM formation

I got your GIRM formation right here
Roman Missal Formational Materials are provided online by the US Bishops Committee on the Liturgy.
The interesting thing about many of the directives in the GIRM is they are crystal clear. The who, what, when, where and why of liturgy is encapsulated in a document that is both comprehensive and comprehensible. This kind of information makes a grass-roots effort at liturgical reform possible, and it speaks to the fact that there’s a tremendous amount of willful ignorance and/or ongoing intent to remake the liturgy into something that it shouldn’t be.
I’m blessed to live in a diocese where complying with the General Instruction and related directives is a priority. We have a pastor, associate and liturgy committee that are all on board. I know not everyone is, and I know that fighting the good fight can be tough when you have a crazy pastor, a renegade nun or a crunchy pastoral council.
Here’s some quick advice:
Pick your battles. I would say that clearly defining the role and actions of the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist is more important than getting people to stop holding hands during the Our Father.
Get up to speed by reading up on the GIRM and related documents.
Pray and practice charity or else we have GIRM warfare instead of reform.
That’s all for now. God bless.