Quick turnaround in Worcester A

Quick turnaround in Worcester
A relief for abuse survivors: Worcester Bishop Daniel Reilly tells the lawyers to call off their sweeping subpoena for information from SNAP’s files.

The Sept. 9 subpoena instructed SNAP to disclose all information it had in the case of five women who alleged the church didn’t protect them from the Rev. Robert E. Kelley, who was convicted of rape and has admitted molesting 50 to 100 girls at St. Cecilia’s in Leominster 20 years ago.
It also demanded “names of all persons” who ever alleged to SNAP that a priest in the Worcester diocese abused them.
…Reilly said in a statement the diocese’s insurance company made the request without his knowledge, and he was “dismayed” to learn about it in Sunday’s newspapers.
“The Diocese of Worcester is committed to the care and support of those who have been victims of child sexual abuse by clergy and I stand unequivocally by that commitment,” Reilly said.
[SNAP regional leader Philip] Saviano questioned why Reilly didn’t know about the subpoena, given that lawyers for the insurance company and the diocese itself were informed when the subpoena was issued.
“If the bishop wasn’t in the loop, I think that’s a whole other problem,” he said.

Does this demonstrate that the lawyers were heartless about threatening the confidentiality of a support group, or clueless about the bad publicity? Take your pick.