:: Church of the Nativity

:: Church of the Nativity seige ends?

Earlier today I was debating whether or not to blog about the hostage situation at the Church of the Nativity. I held back, realizing I should pray and not just unload on our six regular readers. Now I find out it has been resolved. Maybe. I guess most Americans were too busy thinking about non-invasive colonoscopy procedures to be outraged while this was going on.

I was alarmed by this picture but I remembered that Jesus spent a lot of time with sinners. Apparently this was part of negotiations to end the seige on the Church of the Nativity. Arafat would make a great convert – I hope the Cardinal left some pamphlets with him. I don’t mean to be so glib – I just can’t understand why the Cardinal is smiling like he just moved someone else’s cheese. Maybe he Baptized Arafat and heard his confession?

Blog note: this is neither an endorsement of the book “Who Moved My Cheese?” nor of non-invasive colonoscopy procedures. Check back with me in twenty years and I’ll tell you if I am in favor on non-invasive colonoscopy procedures.