Well, he asked.


The pastor asked how I was feeling, and, actually, I had wanted to talk with him, so I responded with about five minutes on how I was ready to give up on the parish, because all but one of the four clergy there (the two residents and the retired helpers) like to present their stupid unfunny comedy acts during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

"Are we the comedy parish?" I asked rhetorically.

"Maybe we are." He's not going to change anything, and I'll just go elsewhere, but I've done my duty.


Write to your Bishop. If he does nothing, write to the Vatican. Prayer and patience go hand-in-hand.

If your parish was practicing witchcraft or severally celebrating the Mass wrong, I would understand leaving, for your salvation, after warning the parish of its sin and need to repent. I myself go to a parish where - not to commit the sin of retriction - the Mass is celebrated quickly and inclusive language is included, but I see no reason to leave; if anything, I could be like Saint Francis, correcting the priest gently. You could be Saint Francis too.

Prayers Richard.

I'm very happy at my non-geographical parish. It is a mere 7 miles away and is a liturgical oasis. People commute from all over the metro area for the experience (solemnity, reverence, chant, sacred polyphony, and the best homilies you ever wanted to hear).

There is a side benefit to people like me going there. It's an urban parish and if it weren't for us commuters, it would have to be closed because the 'hood is no longer Catholic. Within the geographical boundaries, it doesn't have but a handful of Catholics.

Perhaps there is such a parish within reasonable driving distance of your home.

A priest that performs comedy skits during Mass has either lost the faith, or else never had it. In either case, he obviously lacks a proper intention in offering the Mass, and may as a result be incapable of confecting the Holy Eucharist.

To me, to stay in a parish where the Mass is abused and the Holy Eucharist disregarded is of no benefit to a person and most likely harmful. You go to these Masses and come out not with the Peace of Christ, but with contempt and disgust. In time, you begin to dread going because you never know what abuse might be tried this week, and there is nothing you can do about it. The priest won't listen, the Bishop won't do anything.

I guess some people are immune to this, but I am not. I am not strong enough to handle it so I went elsewhere. I drive 40 minutes and to another diocese to attend Mass. It is my only option at the moment. Now, instead of dreading Mass, I look forward to it. I am satisfied with the fact that I am not participating in Liturgical abuses and giving my money to support the parish and the diocese that allows it. Of course, I continue to pray for the priest, Bishop and the entire diocese.

Besides, I'm not so sure St. Francis would have repeatedly attended a parish where the nun regularly gives her "reflection" in place of the priest's homily or where a joke is told after reception of Our Lord as Eucharist.

There's also my children to consider. Do I really want them receiving their First Holy Communion standing up at the altar during the Consecration and being given the opportunity to hold up the Chalice during the Doxology? Do I want my daughter to see that she too can someday become a nun and give the homily at Mass? Or that Jesus means jokes and clapping? No, I want her to see that the Holy Eucharist is bigger and more important than anything and is worthy of reverence, prayer, silence and stillness. I want to teach my children that obedience to the Church is necessary, instead of inspiring disobedience by them seeing some priest do whatever he wants.

I say, flock to the parishes that respect the Mass and leave those that don't behind. If you can't change your parish or priest then they will eventually change you. We all need desperately to be fed with the Truth. Are we not told by Jesus to seek it and we will be set free? Free to worship God in the way He intended?


You can complain to the bishop and then to Rome. For a list of links on your rights have a look at: http://extra-ordinarymonkeys.blogspot.com/

I'm in a similiar boat. The closest parish is very clique-ish. I asked about the Social Concerns meeting and was told just read their blog, no need in my going. That just hit me the wrong way. I was going to say something to the priest but he was leaving. The parish has been thru 3 priests in 2 years!!

Went to a different parish this morning & felt so welcomed and loved. I know where I'm going to be from now on!!!

I completely understand. I was in a situation once where, unfortunately and (in my case) through my own shortcomings, Mass had turned into a 1-hour near occasion of sin for me. I couldn't be present without falling into discouragement and a judgmental attitude. It was prudent for me to go elsewhere for a while.

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