Pope John Paul II, Medjugorje and Marcial Maciel

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Patrick Madrid has blogged an excellent post discussing Medjugorje, Marcial Maciel and Pope John Paul II's (alleged in the case of Medjugorje) support of these two ecclesiastical movements. To read it, please click here.

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This blog actually made a connection of MM to Medjugorje that sticks with me to this day, i.e. in dealing with the more genuine likeness as far as the theological evaluation both phenomenon share. Both cases deal with a ruling of the Holy See over the supernaturality of the events (or genuineness of the charism from a founder in case of MM.) In both cases the events illustrate the presence of evil, lust, deceit, perversion.. this comes contrasted to the good fruits- conversions, resurgence of a Marian spirit, return to the sacraments, orthodox practices-up to a point etc... Both deal with the question: Which must outweigh the other in the debate, the intrinsic meaning of dis-edifying events OR the apparent expansive shedding forth of good fruits?

I sense that internal to the Holy See the juridical and doctrinal issues are clear and settled- non constat. The Holy See will not be twisting the meaning of "is" to no end to satisfy those who are clinging to the fruits, rather she will turn these matters really into pastoral problems. I would wager the struggle will be to find a way to reground these fruits back into mainstream life of the Church and sever their historical ties to the perverse realities that can never have anything to do with Christ and his Church. In either case it would seem to be a long, delicate and carefully measured process.

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