So what's the hidden meaning?


I'm hoping readers can help. I was told by a member of a new ecclesiastical movement that I should not watch pop videos as they contain hidden meanings. Here is one of my favorite videos by Newfoundland folk-rock band Great Big Sea. Please help me figure out the hidden meaning of this video?


Hidden meaning - always bless yourself and give thanks to God for your daily bread and this wonderful life that He has so generously given to us.

On the other hand - I don't think it is so hidden. Great pop video!

Christ fed us - - by the seaside...

The song argues for a lack of meaning in art. Its haste and random juxtapositions claim that art is a meaningless projection of the unconscious, a "chameleon" whose sense changes for every viewer.

However, the video's fantasy imagery presents classic artistic themes regarding the human condition: the ambiguities of life in ordered community (the nuns), the tension and harmonization of culture and nature (dining on a formal table by the sea), and yearnings between this world and the otherworldly (in the both/and polarities of black-white, male-female).

The conflict between these two levels points to a dilemma whose resolution is to be found in festival (cf. wedding imagery in the Gospels).

Whew, you guys out there are smart as a whip. I have a college degree, and all I saw in the video was four nuns in a VW bug. (I'm serious -- no snark intended at all)

Anyone want to take a stab at deconstructing this one?

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Pete--Richard's read above is pretty good. And, no, there don't seem to be any "hidden" messages here. Seems to be a kind of celebration between ambiguity and certainty, with an assurance that if you think you have it "sussed" (i.e. figured out) then you definately do not. HA!

Ah and to think I worked SOOOO hard at finding the hidden meaning Pete! (ha!)

Congratulations to the former 3gf for being able to enjoy life again...

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