REPORT: LC knew about Maciel's son in 2008


This gets even more curious, given that up until now the LC has only admitted to knowing about the existence of one daughter, as discovered by Fr. Alvaro in an investigation after Maciel's death. According to the San Francisco Examiner:

The Rev. Jesus Quirce, rector of the Legion's Universidad Anahuac in Mexico City, sent a letter to The Associated Press and other news media on Thursday confirming that he had met with Raul Gonzalez several times in 2008 and 2009, though he said Gonzalez never mentioned being molested.

You can read the full report here.


The Legion certainly gave the impression in 2009 they had recently found out about the first family. But did they ever make the bald lie? A quick visit to google only turned up vague statements about dates.

The reason I ask is that one of the statements today specifies April 18, 2008 as a date they were talking to the 2nd family:

"Fr. Jesús Quirce Andrés, L.C., rector of Anáhuac University, who was mentioned by the González Lara family in the interview, stated that he been involved in conversations with Raúl González at Gonzalez’s request beginning on April 18, 2008"

Bona, an LC priest, claims that knowledge internal to some LCs indicate that they knew about Norma as early as 2005, but certainly by 2006. She and her daughter were in contact with MM at the time of the beatification of Jesus Sanchez del Rio, LCs saw them there for sure.
So according to Bona the leadership speaks of only just finding out (which mean the all Legionaries in general) while they hide behind them. The Leaders have known and years in advance, but prefer to play cat and mouse games of legal maneuvering, always waiting for a victim to speak first, showing no interest in being responsible and transparent about truth and justice.

The Legion is such a joke. ZENIT, the Legion's attempt to control Catholic news, of course runs nothing on the sordid Maciel business. Here's what their crack staff of editors thought was more newsworthy:

[2010-03-04] Vatican: No Official OK for Genetically Modified Potato

Guess they don't have to anymore. CNA will do their dirty work for them. The Nat Cath Register is silent too.

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