New monk and cow adventure!

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I will respond to the two Legion communiques in a separate post, but first a few updates:

- Back after a busy weekend. A nasty cold prevented me from indulging in beer, but Bonum and I met at the local Timmies for coffee and tea. (I'm the tea drinker, in case anyone is wondering). It was great meeting him, his lovely wife and his adorable children (including their newborn) - even if it was from a distance due to the cold. We're hoping to meet up again this summer.

- Speaking of tea, Erin Manning (aka Red Cardigan at And Sometimes Tea) has brewed the latest monk and cow cautionary tale, which I'm hope readers will enjoy as much as I did. It's called The Monk, the Cow and the Peddler. Each of the previous installments are posted here.

- For those who haven't heard, Vows of Silence author Jason Berry, who along with Gerald Renner broke the original Hartford Courrant story exposing Maciel's sexual molestation of minor seminarians, is due to publish a new piece in the National Catholic Reporter this week exposing the Legion's alleged money trail.

- Sandro Magister responds to the Legion's communiques.

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The stories would make good cartoons.

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