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Please pray for my buddy Charlie (aka "Bible Buck" on comboxes and CB) and for the repose of his wife's soul. She passed away earlier this week. The couple had been married 44 years, never fell out of love, and her death came as a surprise. Of course Charlie's feeling it hard. Today is the funeral.

Some of our older readers may remember Bible Buck as an early pioneer of the contemporary Catholic apologetics movement. He was a long-distance truck driver with a grade 8 education who evangelized and defended Catholic teaching using the Bible wherever he trucked. He is also reputed to have memorized every verse of the Bible. In fact, a favorite game whenever we traveled together was for me to name a Bible verse and then listen to him recite it from memory.

His wife was a kind woman who acted as surrogate mother to Sonya and me during our first year-and-a-half in the U.S. (Before we moved to Florida) She invited us over for dinner every Christmas and Thanksgiving, was the first to visit us in the hospital after Sonya had given birth to our oldest, and did us many other favors our own moms couldn't do from another country and a thousand miles away.

Although she and her husband were very much in love and very devout in their Catholic faith, she preferred to keep a low profile, helping people behind the scenes. So out of respect for her privacy, the family has asked that I simply name her "Mrs. Bible Buck" when requesting prayers from readers - the name by which she was known when supporting her husband's apologetics and evangelization apostolate.

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I will remember her at prayers and Mass today. God rest her kind soul!

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