CMAA Chant Pilgrimage

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Catholic Light co-founder John Schultz and two of his work colleagues undertook a fine project recently, to record video of the closing Mass at the Church Music Association's fall Chant Pilgrimage at the National Shrine in Washington.

Here are the segments he has published so far:

Organ Prelude and Introit ("Salve sancta Parens"):

Votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Mass IX): Kyrie and Gloria:
Gradual chant ("Benedicta et venerabilis") and Alleluia ("Post partum, Virgo inviolata"):

Offertory chant ("Ave Maria"):

Offertory motet ("Ave Maria" of Palestrina: singers of the Shrine choir, conducted by Basilica music director Peter Latona):

Agnus Dei:

[More to come!]

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