Update and two apologies over comments


Several readers continue to point out difficulties accessing our comments section at Catholic Light. If you're reading this as part of the LC/RC's high-level Mexican leadership, please skip to number 2.

1 - For friends, family and rank-and-file members of LC/RC, I apologize for the difficulties with our comments section. I wish I could offer a concrete fix or update on the problem. Unfortunately the problem is beyond my technological capacity to understand, address and correct. Richard Chonak, our blog host and tech guru, has been looking into it in his spare time; but given his busy schedule and the fact he's already shown great kindness in hosting this discussion, I'm reluctant to make greater demands on his time. In the interim, Giselle had kindly offered to host comments on corresponding threads at Life After RC. It's not the best solution, but it's all I can offer right now.

2 - If you happen to be reading this as high-level Mexican leadership of LC/RC, I regret that the hidden life of our blog-hosting software comes as a complete surprise to us. These current difficulties are a cross we accept with complete serenity, always reminding ourselves that in keeping with our vocation as Catholic bloggers that our focus is Christ. We regret if the difficulties with our blog software, which was partially developed by Catholic programmers, has caused discomfort for some. However, we remain grateful for all the good we have received from this software in living out our charism of Catholic bloggers and bringing others to Christ. We remind you of your Catholic duty in charity not to judge this software, despite certain human limitations that are now coming to light as with any other software. Let me reassure you that the vast majority of our readers continue to visit the site, and I have sought the advice of a prudent computer expert to assist me in overcoming these unfortunate difficulties.


I also think it's important to ask forgiveness for the vicissitudinous nature of the software, which as we all know is merely a sad result of The Fall v1.0

you forgot the part about writing it in front of the Eucharist...

No worries Pete, despite your flawed comment system, there is so much good on this blog and nothing, not even the current difficulties, can take away the good that you are doing.

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