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I wish there were a way to save these websites somehow. I suspect this one may disappear before too long, as the LC/RC begin to realize more and more people are researching and discovering these outrages.

This article proves the kind of slavish adulation of Maciel that has been inherent in the organization for 65 years. It is proof that those RC/LC who now try to deny that it was ever about Maciel are desperately rewriting history and hoping those of us who were here and know better will shut up and forget the way things really were (are?).

Just think about all the LC/RC True Believers who have prayed at the Altar of the Foundation and have visited the "Cotija of the Infancy" room (it sounds like Jesus Christ they are referring to!!) over the decades. And they actually think that by saying it enough times, they will be able to make the world believe they never hero-worshipped the man!

Thank God for the internet. The amount of history that can be rewritten is severely limited by its existence. It must gall the LC hierarchy to no end!

This is really disturbing...setting up a museum to this man after all that has come out and continues to come out about this man. When I read about "Mama Maurita's cause," I laughed out loud. I figured it's probably languishing in some secretary's desk drawer in the Congregation for the Causes of Saints right about now.

What's even more disturbing is that 25 LC priests went down to the museum this summer for a two-month retreat. Yes, THIS SUMMER. From Fr. Berg's interview in July 2009:

"Why, for example, were approximately 25 Legionary priests convoked yet again - as groups are every year - to a two-month long "spiritual renewal" at the Legion's center for spirituality in Cotija, Michoacan Mexico, housed in the very house (now retreat center and museum) that Fr. Maciel grew up in? Why there? Why in Cotija? Why now?"

I guess they needed to pray at the Altar of the Foundation and in the "Fruits of the Foundation" room, which is "a special place of prayer for all Legionaries."

So much for getting away from the Founder.

Wonder when they are going to add the Room of Child Molestation? or how about an Altar to the Wisdom of the 2006 Communique (you know, the one the Territorial Directors claim to respect EVEN MORE now)? or the Cotija of Maciel's Illegitimate Infants? maybe even a Maciel as Drug Addict?

You seriously cannot make the stuff up.

Good news! There is a way to save a snapshot of a website. There's a free service called WebCite, and I've used it to make a snapshot of the museum page; it's at

There. Preserved for posterity, or at least as long as U. Toronto keeps providing facilities for WebCite.


THANK YOU for recording this website over at webcitation. The PTB (powers that be) are yanking down the proof of the LC/RC devotion to Maciel just as fast as we can find these kinds of webpages.

Of course, LC will probably try to sue U. Toronto for keeping a record of the madness. Although with the Bahamian account thing going on, their lawyers may be otherwise occupied these days. lol

I just checked on the Regnum Christi link above. Their whole page is empty! Good job, Richard for catching it in time!

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