UPDATE: From deep in the heart of the Legion, hope!


UPDATE: Eric Sammons has blogged an entry from a reader explaining how the vocation to the priesthood and the vocation to the Legionaries are intertwined in the minds of many, which is why one often sees collateral damage to one's faith after leaving. It's worth reading, along with Eric's subsequent commentary (click here).

Initial post

I was suspicious when the pseudonymous poster "Edmund Ritter" showed up on the ExLC blog a few months ago, claiming to be a Legion priest in Rome studying psychology. (Although it wasn't clear from what I read whether he was claiming to do so privately, or within an academic context). However, ExLC vouched publicly for Fr. Ritter's authenticity. He also reassured me privately that the two know each other well. (In non-lawyer speak, I'm passing the buck to ExLC).

That being said, I was heartened by Fr. Ritter's following response on the ExLC blog to my recent Catholic Light posting (which ExLC reposted) explaining why we should not write-off a reconstitution of the Legion:

Your position seems to be identical to my own. If the Pope wants to suppress the LC, then let the damned thing be suppressed! But if he sees it has a chance reconstituted in new form or with a new management, then let's go for it, those of us inside who can.

[Not] everyone here is insane. Many are simply uninformed, and they must be informed by authority. The Pope must speak clear to his Legionaries if they are to understand what has happened to them, and why. Then a reconstitution is possible and feasible -- once elementary truth and justice has been established.

God has done this sort of thing before: it's Salvation and Redemption. Adam and Eve -- both insane in their rebellion and sin -- beyond redemption? Not even they. Now the Church sings their ruin as the "Happy Fault that obtained for us such a Redeemer" each year at the vigil mass of Easter Sunday. I do not believe I am abusing analogy. I believe God reapplies this same method every time a sinner walks out of the confessional absolved. If God wants it, and if the Legionaries are not totally insane but respond generously and humbly, why cannot the same happen for their stricken institute?

Let's all pray a decade of the Rosary for Fr. Ritter and other Legionaries in his position.


I know you have other info you are basing your trust in ER's credibility on, Pete, but I still can't take him seriously after 1) his unstable-sounding, often non-sensical ramblings at EXLC over the past few months(and I don't mean that to be mean, just stating the facts), and 2) the fact he has posted different stories about himself in different places (one place he was kicked out of the Legion, at EXLC he states he is still in).

I will say this, though: I agree with him that God can bring good out of any situation. Of course, the good that came out of the sin of Adam and Eve only came long after recognition of their sin and nakedness. There is no recognition of such from Legion superiors thus far.

My other problem is with ER's insistence that LC leadership is "insane". We know from previous posts that he tends to use that term literally, having long held MM had multiple personality disorder, etc. It seems to me ER is having a hard time grasping and accepting that men can be evil---truly, darkly, EVIL. Pleas of insanity just seem like more excuses for LC/RC actions.

That said, I will continue to pray for ER and others like him within the Legion, and I will unite my prayers with theirs that God can bring great good out of this little shop of horrors.

Fair enough, Pete.

I, too, feel much more respect for LC priests who demonstrate a wide range of emotions (and yes, even "instability") upon discovering the quicksand the order is in, vs. those who keep the happy-face firmly placed on their serene faces as they slowly get sucked down into the quagmire.

And about the discrepancy......well, I will accept that you have insider info that cannot be shared that explains it.

However, I will still call ER on any illogical or Maciel-like thinking he exhibits, albeit with charity and goodwill (the authentic type, not the Legion-variety LOL). He and all others like him will remain in my prayers.

I can tell you for a fact he is for real!. My daughter who comments over at Giselle's under the name of DaniNZ got in touch with him. We even have a photo.....I thing the 'ramblings' you are referring to are a sign of deep disconnectedness that has and will effect many LCs. Look at the incomprhensible ram,bling of the 18 page letter of Fr Alvaro to the LC/3gf or at Fr Reilley's rambling u-tube video. Many are slowly psychologically disintegrating. Their entire world view is being challenged and some are going through sisemic internal shifts.

I hope the Holy Father makes some strong decisions soon because the whole thing feels like it is about to burst open like a festering boil!

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