ExLC and I will be in the basement watching football


Time to raise the white flag on the women and LC methodology threads. After reading RC is not my life's latest blog entry, titled Breaking Up Is So Hard To Do, I realize I'm in over my head as a guy. RC is not my life uses the imagery of being seduced and subsequently jilted by a lover to describe her experience joining and being asked to leave RC.

Here are some excerpts:

I stopped thinking seriously about my next step in life, and I jumped into RC life. I actually skipped my LSAT to go to a RC retreat. And my spiritual director told me that she thought I made the right choice. God comes first, she said, and I agreed. God first. [...]

I don't know how to explain it, but RC was always on my mind. When I was separated from it, I only thought of when would be my next contact. I'd do anything to go to a meeting or a retreat. I'd think of excuses to call the consecrated. I was nervous for days in anticipation of meeting with a LC priest. When a Youth and Family Encounter came up, there was no doubt that I'd be there. I'd find a way.


Years later, I was asked to leave RC. I took the rejection with grace at the time, but I still feel the sting so many years later. Why wasn't I good enough? What did I do wrong?

And even though distance from the movement has given me the certainty that I'm better off, it still hurts to know that the movement I gave up everything for, didn't feel the same. I feel stupid, I feel cheated, I feel betrayed. And way back in the back of my mind, I know that if RC came knocking on my door today asking to have me back, I'd think about it.

I can understand where RC is not my life is coming from. I sit on several tribunals where people share how they found themselves seduced into bad marriages. But as Giselle warned me before tackling this issue, most guys will miss many of the nuances being discussed. So I think I will sneak down into basement with ExLC and watch football.

Hopefully my Packers will have put the Brett Favre drama behind them this season, and rebuilt their defense over the summer.


Thanks Pete! Us girls will take it from here!!

Go Green Bay. I grew up outside Milwaukee. Dad and I went over to the neighbors to watch the '65 championship because they had a color TV.

The girls know of what they speak. As a dad, I see it this way. I have to set the example of a man so my daughters don't fall for the first jerk that comes along. Hence, I have to devote myself to Mary so that she can bring out the good things. I have to treat their mother well. And more...

Enough. Gimme brats and beer and a Packer game.

I may have written too quickly. The "jerk" is not intended to mean the LC priest. I've met some, and they appear to be top-notch men, and that's good! Girls recognize that. I want my daughters to recognize good men.

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