The mother of Fr. Maciel's daughter speaks

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ExLC has blogged the Spanish article here, and is translating it into English as we speak. Head on over to his blog. She appear to claim that her relationship with Fr. Maciel began when she was still a minor. Here's the first paragraph as translated by ExLC:

"I would have never chosen this path for my life...When I met this man, I was under aged. Neither my daughter nor I knew who this man really was until the very end." It is the first time that Norma Hilda BaƱos puts her story in words, and with these words, the long guarded secret, the sin which pursues her, finally takes shape. Thinking about it brings tears to her eyes. The Cronica found her in her sanctuary, in a luxurious residential area of Madrid, Spain. She seems to be taken aback. Dialogue is not easy. Beyond the opening, which stretches out from the doorway, there is a space of 3,500 square feet. She has live here for years with her daughter. The home has no husband or father. It has never had one. Her daughter is the fruit of a prohibited relationship. Who knows what kind of stories this woman had to invent when asked about the father of her child? Anything but telling the feared truth: he was the founder of the Legion of Christ, Fr. Marcial Maciel, who left her pregnant when she was 26 years old.

If true - and at this point, I believe the balance of probabilities leans greatly toward the accuser - the only way forward for LC/RC leadership is to finally admit that Fr. Maciel was an abuser (and not simply that he gave in during a moment of weakness), renounce his influence as founder, and publicly apologize and offer reparation to his victims.

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I agree with your points Pete. How do we make sure that this article is coming from a credible news source and not just someone who wants to be the first to say they had an interview with Norma? I just keep hoping and praying for the truth after so many years of lies and I know that news sources can blow this stuff up too (like our National Enquirer). Since this is in Spanish - it is hard to tell if this is a credible source.

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