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...if you're thinking of recruiting young people into RC-sponsored apostolate without disclosing to their parents the current scandal surrounding Fr. Maciel. Earlier this week she asked a couple of good questions of a reader struggling with this issue:

A good question ask youself - why would you recruit people to something you cannot speak frankly about? That you feel has elements to it which you would like to keep hidden? [Emphasis mine]

This is a reminder that the best insights are often the most obvious ones. Christ declares in the Gospels that He is "The way, the truth, and the life," while denouncing Satan as "the father of lies."

Thus Christ's mission is tied to truth. We neither serve Him nor build up His kingdom when we resort to lies, deceptions or half-truths. For the latter falls under the domain of the devil, as Christ clearly warns. So ask yourself this: Is this information you would conceal if you were recruiting for any non-LC/RC related apostolate? What if you were recruiting for your employment?

Given the context of this discussion, I find it ironic that even Fr. Maciel understood that lying is unacceptable to God and brings embarrassment upon the Church. As he himself states:

We should never lie for any reason whatsoever. It is a mortal sin when God is greatly offended by causing damage against religion, the Church or Authority, or when the name and good reputation of other people is considerably damaged... "Lips that lie are abhorrent to Yahweh" (Proverbs 12:22). (Bermuda 23 February 1962)


This reminds me of my feelings of my feelings of fear when I first started commenting on blogs. When I first wrote Giselle, she said, 'You're going to have to give me more than a fake name and email address here.' Seriously, I realize some people have job concerns here, but otherwise, why the large number of Anon posters? And how could it be right to be afraid of being 'caught' commenting on the web? Red flag number 3,598 for me.

There are many good reasons for anonymity on the web that have nothing whatever to do with associations with the Legion.

But time & again, I've seen rc members express fear that their being "outed" would cause problems for them within the Movement--and this, in and of itself, is a bad sign. An organization that cannot tolerate self-criticism (or any criticism) reveals itself to lack a certain robustness, perhaps.

Was there more context, Anon in STL? I don't remember saying such a thing just for comments. There are plenty of anonymous folks posting on my blog and I've guarded the people who write to me privately using their names. I don't want your comment to be misunderstood as though I lack discretion.

When I told a friend of mine I was leaving my job with the LCs, the first thing she told me was to make sure I had another job secured first, b/c the LCs are good at spreading rumors about you when you leave and basically making your life miserable.

Sounds Christ-like, right?

I recently went on a leave from RC and try hard to go face to face with my friends and leaders about my concerns and feelings. It is hard because of the guilt you feel because honestly RC drew so many beautiful souls that are special in your life so as you struggle thru this you do not want to hurt others who you love. Over time I have opened up more but in the beginning I felt like such a traitor to something I loved even though I knew in my heart and conscience something was just not right with me staying in. I now feel peace and freedom that I have stepped away and a sadness about what could have been but a beautiful acceptance of God's almighty plan. I have grown closer to my Lord thru all of this and I think I am one of the lucky ones...my heart does hurt so much for those who were abused physically and mentally and especially spiritually by this lie. Jesus loves us all so much and he is the way, truth and life...that is all that matters.

Sorry Giselle, yes, there is more context. It was not a comment but when I wrote to you to talk personally about the situation in my area. I was terrified! (nothing to do with you of course!)

Gregorbo, yes, I still would not use my actual full name on any website, but what I meant was what you went on to state. I recognized that the fear of being known as someone who was challenging various aspects of the Legion/RC was indicative of a problem.

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