To Eternal Life - Deacon Adam Scott Crowe


Today, a dear friend of my brother and his fellow classmate at St. Charles Seminary in Philadelphia has passed on to eternal life. Deacon Adam Crowe was only 26 years old, and was to be ordained a priest this spring for the Diocese of Ogdensburg, New York. Deacon Crowe was a guest in our home when my brother Deacon Steve was home on free weekends. He was kind, compassionate, sharp, holy and dedicated totally to the Catholic faith and his formation to become a priest. He celebrated Steve's ordination last June with us and he assisted at Steve's first Mass as a deacon. He was an inspiration to us and would have been a wonderful priest.

Please pray for his family back in New York and his seminarian brothers at St. Charles, who all mourn an unexpected and profound loss.

I'm sure that Deacon Adam is on his way to rest in the Lord and to intercede for us all. May the peace of Christ be his, and be ours when God calls us home.


Adam was a young boy when I was in high school in Heuvelton, NY so I never really knew him personally. I did know his family, however, and saw them regularly at St. Raphael's Church while I was serving mass for Fr. Gerald Service. I was very impressed when I heard that Adam had entered the seminary, and extremely proud when I saw him assisting Bishop Cunningham last month at midnight mass at St. Mary's Cathedral in Ogdensburg. It was a stirring sight to see such a striking young man answering the call to God's service. What a role model for today's youth! I have often wondered since what road I may have followed if I was 20 years younger and had an example like Adam Crowe to look up to.

I am so profoundly sad for your loss
(and our loss) I had the priviledge to meet Adam the summer or 07 while i volunteered at our VBS. He was such a sincere spirit with our young people. I (for what ever reason?) had the renewed priviledge to see Adam again at St. John's @ LaFargeville 2 Weeks ago when Fr. Chris went on sabatacle... i truly believe that Adam was sent to St. Johns to reconnect before he was called home... maybe it is my way of making peace with his passing or maybe our lives are truly in the hands of our maker... the keeper of the greater plan. I have children, I have boys, i cant imagine the incredible pain you must be feeling but I know how your son touched many hearts, large and small and dont you believe that it was what he felt his true calling was? Peace be with you and your entire family, Your friend in Christ, Peggy Gill and Family

I just returned from Adam's funeral. What a beautiful celebration of his life. I have known Adam since he was a child at St. Raphael's in Heuvelton, NY. I saw him most recently at Midnight Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral in Ogdensburg. I gave him a copy of 101 Inspirational Stories on the Priesthood. Adam's story can be an inspiration to all of us. Adam had a great love for the Eucharist and the Priesthood. Please intercede for us, asking to God to call more men into faithful service as priests. You will be missed by many people, but never forgotten. Rest in Peace

Your Friend
Joe Tebo

This messege is for Adam.
Adam I can’t tell you how much I miss you, and how much I am going to miss you. I know that it is a selfish thing to wish you away from paradise so I’m not going to. You made me truly think about God. That day I met you at Fr. McGuinesse’s rectory I was out standed by you intelligence and strong vocabulary, with a booming voice to boot. I can’t, but I will stand the fact you’re gone. I only knew you for so long but got to know you so well. You taught me the difference between praying and true worship. You had everything made, a promising future, a great family, wonderful friends, and some of the best mentors anyone could ever have. I ask myself why, but you’d say “it was Gods will”. If I said I didn’t say I was the least bit jealous of you, I’d be lieing. Adam, though I am one of many, you were one of my best friends and mentors. I’ll always love you like a brother.
To his family and friends:
Thought I might never get to meet you, see you, talk to you, laugh with you, joke with you, pray with you, cry with you, remember I love you.
Sincerely Matthew Tetreault
Vocation for the priesthood.

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