Remembering Msgr. Smith


At the passing of moral theologian and Dunwoodie professor Msgr. William Smith, John Mallon posts some recollections along with a 1995 interview.

"...if we are to be ministers of the gospel, and witnesses of the gospel, then we have to preach the gospel, and the gospel is both the call to conversion and the call to compassion. And the same revealed word of God insists--it is not an option, it is an obligation--that we do the truth in love."


Smith, Dulles, Neuhaus.....who will fill their shoes?

Msgr. William Smith taught everyone not only Priests and other theologians.Always humble ,holy and kind; his goodness shown from his soul like a beacon.We need more holy priests like him,to follow in his footsteps.But Where will we find them.We should all pray very hard for true and faithful and obedient Priests to start speaking out and standing up for the Truth.May Our Lord Reward such a courageous man and holy Priest ,Msgr.William Smith we will never forget you.

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