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Pope Benedict is to Pope John Paul II,
as Bp. Williamson is to... Abp. Milingo.

For a long time, Abp. Milingo's problems, in the eyes of Church authorities, were mostly behavioral rather than doctrinal, but there was something the Vatican could do to deal with him: imposing a forced retirement.

If the erratic Bp. Williamson of the SSPX ever does accept some regularized status in full communion with the Church, the best that Pope Benedict will be able to do with him is the same approach: to insist that Williamson retire and spend the rest of his life doing good for the Church and for his soul in some modest way. And, for G-d's sake, shutting up.

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I love it!

And there were people defending Milingo up to and past the Moonie marriage as a holy priest.

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