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In Boston, the traditional Latin Mass has moved from its former home at Holy Trinity Church to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross; today's celebration was a Low Mass in the lower church, and 101 souls attended, about as many as attended at Holy Trinity. Fr. Bernard Shea, SJ, has been a frequent celebrant of the old Mass. Holy Trinity's music director emeritus George Krim served as organist, and the chant choir Schola Amicorum sang.

For the anniversary of the announcement of Summorum Pontificum, we sang the Oremus pro Pontifice.

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Well, this is hardly accurate. First of all, the "home" for the TLM in the Archdiocese of Boston is at Mary Immaculate of Lourdes Parish in Newton, to which it was moved from Holy Trinity over a year and a half ago. The fact that some dissidents prevailed upon the administrator of that soon-to-be-closed parish to allow the TLM to return there speaks poorly about their sense of duty to cooperate with their Shepherd, Cardinal O'Malley.

The Pope's motu proprio now allows for any congregation to request from their legitimate pastor a Mass in the Extraordinary Form. What is extant at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross is most clearly NOT in continuity with the TLM that used to be held, via the indult, at Holy Trinity - that community has moved to Mary Immaculate, with Fr. Higgins as their legitimate pastor. What is going on at the Cathedral is a motu proprio Mass, in discontinuity with the previous indult Mass, and begun as an expression of dissent from what the Cardinal had offered them.

Additionally, an honest reporter would have noted two things: first, that one of the most significant complaints of the dissenters was that the church at Mary Immaculate of Lourdes was insufficiently adorned for their needs (no altar rail, not as "pretty" as Holy Trinity, bad sight lines, etc.) Despite the fact that Fr. Higgins is installing an altar rail and reconfiguring the sanctuary according to their suggestions, they left his parish (and his legitimate leadership). It is significant that the Cathedral doesn't have an altar rail either, and that this "praiseworthy" venue has even less decoration than Mary Immaculate (and is, in fact, in the basement).

Secondly, an honest reporter would have at least adverted to the fact that Fr. Shea is very elderly, and that even presuming his continued good health (praise God!) the "community" that gathers at the Cathedral cannot expect his service there to last indefinitely.

Finally, for all of their protestations of orthodoxy, the dissident group now at the Cathedral has no problem with allowing their Schola (and to some extent, their community decisions) to be directed by a man who is not even a Roman Catholic; he is a confessing Episcopalian!

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