To all the St. Blogs "parishoners" out there:

Do any of you know a charismatic Mass where the music is predominantly Gregorian chant? If so, name the time and place.

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Any Mass, if we believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit are present, and the ministries of the church are presnt, must be considered to be revealing the charisms of the Holy Spirit and of the Church. Any other designation, Healing Mass, Charismatic Mass, Polka Mass, is speaking of artificial components that have been imposed onto Holy Mass, and as such are inapropriate.

We have one Mass each Sunday that is predominantly Grgeorian Chant.

I don't know of any charismatic prayer groups that sing plainchant in their Masses. How did the question come up?

To answer RC's question:

Teresa and I took the baby to a "healing" Mass at a parish in northern VA on Saturday evening. It was actually a Mass where about 300 Catholic charismatics gather each month. I ask about the music because I was struck by the garage-band / praise and worship music and how utterly awful it was. I would take banal done in a reasonably musical fashion over garage band any day.

I'll flesh out the rest of my thoughts and post later this week.

John, the garage band plays in tongues at "charismatics" Mass...

John, was the awfulness in the repertoire or particularly in the performance?

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