Kook watch: I'm sure our Lady appreciates the Jacuzzi

Mrs. Gallagher's title for our Lady: "The Matrix"

The followers of phony mystic Christina Gallagher occasionally drop by to post comments denying all charges of wrongdoing against her. This is helpful to me, 'cause I don't follow the case very often, and it serves as a reminder to check out the Irish papers for the latest flap involving Mrs. Gallagher and her international House of Prayer franchise, which is disapproved by the authorities of the Church and the Inland Revenue.

Here are some recent bits of news about the case:

January 2008: The Sunday World tabloid posted splashy photos (pdf) of Gallagher's posh lifestyle: residing in a mansion (not in her name, of course), tooling around in a BMW, etc., and reported on the fundraising campaign (pdf) that appears to have paid for the house.

RTE radio's Liveline show spent a couple of segments talking with callers and with Mrs. Gallagher's laughably evasive spokesman Fr. Gerard McGinnity about Gallagher's lifestyle: an mp3 podcast is online. When asked about the house's wide-screen TV and a Jacuzzi bath for paying guests, the priest explained that Mrs. Gallagher wanted the place to be made as nice as possible for our Lady.

(In a second segment (mp3), a director of the House of Prayer doesn't seem to know much about the HOP's finances.)

February 2008: Abp. Michael Neary (Tuam) issued a letter to all parishes reiterating no Church approval for Gallagher's activities.

March 2008: Irish primate Cardinal Brady was holding "ongoing discussions" with Fr. McGinnity.

For background, here's a 2006 post on the subject.

UPDATE: Thanks to jerry for reminding me to update!

June 2008: While police and tax authorities investigate the House of Prayer, the HOP offers to refund money to dissatisfied donors.


Hello. Congratulations for your blog. Do you know why the young people pray the holy rosary? You can watch here fifty testimonies of young university students
(in Spanish, with english subtitles)
See it: http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=YxjjyXhO9EA

Santiago (Granada, Spain)

Yeah, the same guy from catholic planet RC, ron conte (catholic nut case) and his neverending blogs and forums of apostacy that come and go.

Anyone who follows the Christina Gallagher messages will get lost in their soul and their search for GOD. GOD will also stop speaking to that person during the time that person loses his or her soul. It is not GOD's fault when we go astray. We should know better than to follow an unapproved person such as Christina Gallagher. Beware, the devil is after us all.

I think that if anyone compared the messages of Mary from all the sanctioned visionaries to the messages of Christina Gallagher, they would realize this is not the Blessed Mother talking.
Our Lady does not threaten, our lady does not worry about the stock market and our lady does not incite fear by claiming that only those who come to these houses will receive the seal of life. Angels will deliver that and it will be at the very end.
Remember, Lucifer was called the Morning Star, he was the Angel of Light. He can appear as anyone, yes, even Mary. Faith and belief and prayer can perform healings and miracles, regardless of where one prays. When messages are used to bring fear to God's children instead of imploring them to constant prayer and hope, it takes ones eyes from the work they are called to do for all while in this world.
I will pray for Ms. Gallagher and those who mistakenly follow her. A true, faithful Catholic, is obedient to their Church and its Bishops. Read the early Church fathers. This is imperative. Anything Satan can use to bring division in the Church of God, he will do.
God Bless.

God never support or help the person who start making fraud with others.

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