Is the Legion attempting to silence its critics?


Some law firm in Texas sends Regain the following "cease and desist" letter.

I have a questions about this legal threat:

1) Since Regain's membership is mostly made up of Catholics, did the Legion attempted to resolve this issue through the canonical courts prior to threatening civil action?

2) Aren't Regain and ExLegionaries' two distinct (and separate) organizations/websites? Therefore how can one be held responsible for the other?

3) Aren' the Legions' constitutions a public document?


Doesn't anyone at the Legion know or care that people already suspect it of cult-like behavior?

Copying the legal tactics of the CoS can only add to that image.

The only reason the LC wouldn't care if people thought they were a cult is if it really were. Then they would be obliged to shut down all criticism by their very nature.

Btw, aren't constitutions of approved groups in the Church part of the Church's patrimony? Don't all groups make them available for the asking? Why are this group's constitutions secret? How can the folks even discern authentic vocations at the outset if they're not allowed to see the constitutions? How do we know the operational set are the ones approved a while ago?

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