Is a little cold water unwelcome?

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There must be something malfunctioning over at the Rorate Coeli blog. I posted a comment there yesterday, but today it's gone.

The story "New Catholic" posted is a typical bit of fodder for the disgruntled: show a picture of a bishop at some event sponsored by a non-Christian religion, use the caption to put some words into his mouth, and accuse him of committing idolatry.

Now, as with most of these scandal-stories, there's less to it than meets the eye, so we shouldn't exaggerate it. The event wasn't a religious rite, it was an award ceremony, and it wasn't held at a Hindu temple, but at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in DC. And whatever Abp. Sambi meant to do by lighting some lamp, you can be confident that he had no intention of offering adoration to some non-Christian god.

That's what my comment on the story said, but it's disappeared now. I do hope it wasn't censored for casting cold water on the overheated mood of the other readers.

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You know how the saying goes: don't cast pearls before radtrads.

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