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"The President's budget misses the mark on reducing poverty in America. In fact, with cuts to key programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, the president's budget will only serve to exacerbate the problems facing millions of our nation's poor families... The President's new budget hurts those living in poverty at a time when we should be doing even more to help the most vulnerable among us. America needs to strengthen vital social service programs to help those in need, not weaken those programs."
Was it:

A) Nancy Pelosi
B) Ted Kennedy
C) Howard Dean
D) Fr. Larry Snyder, President of Catholic Charities USA

I'll give you a hint:

Catholic Charities USA is especially alarmed that just two weeks after President Bush's State of the Union address, in which he acknowledged the nation's health care crisis, the president is recommending cutting more than $100 billion from Medicaid, Medicare, and other critical health care programs over five years.

I thought Catholic Charities was for... charity? Am I naive to think that they shouldn't be heavily involved in policy debates when the government is inherently uncharitable?


Maybe the organization should be called Catholic State-funded Social Service Agencies.

Everybody who has looked at Medicare for more than a half-second knows that its growth is unsustainable, and will bankrupt the Federal government eventually. But anybody who proposes cutting this growth rate gets accused of "cutting" Medicare. This game has been going on for years.

Cutting, or simply not increasing on as steep a curve as he would like?

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