News: Wacko groups distance themselves from bizarro group

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Abp. Milingo's attempt to bring married ex-clergy into his Moon-financed anti-celibacy project is not meeting with the success he expected:

Organizers said on Wednesday that 200 married priests have registered to attend the convention -- about one-third the number predicted by Milingo at a press conference last week.

"The hope was to have many more," said Peter Paul Brennan, of West Hempstead, N.Y., one of the four men Milingo ordained as bishops in September.

Existing groups for dissident ex-clergy seem to be snubbing the loopy, but compared to them relatively more orthodox, archbishop.


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Things are apparently going just as I figured they would. Moon is trying to either unduly influence the Catholic Church's policy on clerical celibacy or maybe start his own schismatic "catholic" Church. I predicted, though, that his success would be limited when word got out about the Milingo-Moon connection, since many Catholics would shy away from anything done by Sun Myung Moon.

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