My favorite Christmas piece this year


Quaeramus cum pastoribus by Jean Mouton (1459-1522): I haven't found a voice recording of the motet, but here's an audio file I made from CPDL's MIDI sample.

I'm learning it for a concert Saturday, Dec. 16, by the New England Classical Singers. We're not going to sing it at quite the pace illustrated in the audio file, but I speeded it up for John's sake. :-)


Ha - you know I like my snappy tempi!

I wish the scores are CPDL had piano reductions. It makes it tough for my accompanist to assist us in learning it.

Ok that's awesome.

What's your normal tempo for it?

80-84 half-notes/minute, I think. I speeded the mp3 file version up to 90.

If you're looking for good new Christmas music, give a listen to Dan Schutte's "Beyond the Moon and Stars" (new lyrics to his "You are My Son" back in the '70's.

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