New Tattoo Revue, Part II


Almost three years to the day after I posted my announcement that I was going to get a new tattoo "soon," I finally got it. (My definition of "soon" is rather loose, I'll concede.) The design is based on a cross in our parish church, carved on a pedestal upholding a large statue of Mary:

Mary's Pedestal

Here's how it turned out:

Cross Tattoo

And here it is in context:


The original design drew mixed reviews here on Catholic Light, so I hope this one goes over better. (Not that I'll change it.)

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This is definitely a better design. As tattoos go, this is -- dare I say it? -- tasteful.

Yes - it works, but mostly because you have beefy arms, no doubt thanks to your days as a Marine, and lifting/carrying babies!

I was going to say that one of them looks like it's just a little higher up on your arm than the other one, which would be too bad, but I'm really not sure now, and besides, I don't want to give you something to worry about. :->

Hmmmm . . . and whatever happened to the sanctity of the body as a temple of the Holy Spirit? Is the body our possession, to decorate willy-nilly, like a blank canvas?

As for me, I hope to face the General Resurrection with no bodily marks other than those placed on me by God.

Cornelius - what makes you think that tattoos go to heaven?

And - be careful about implying a lack of sanctity on Eric's part. That's just misguided.

Cornelius, I take your point that the body isn't to be used as a mere plaything. But you can see that I have chosen my tattoos carefully -- as outward signs of membership in two things: my beloved Marine Corps, and the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. I see the tattoos as adornment, like wearing a cross around my neck or a Marine emblem on my jacket. Tattoos are more permanent, certainly, but even if I repudiated both institutions, I could never change the effects they have had on my soul.

Eh, our resurrection bodies are going to be 33, average height, bearded, and circumcised. There is some debate among the scholastics about whether previously female bodies in the resurrection will be perfected in 33 year old circumcised bearded average heighted maleness. I believe the opinion is general that anything like tattoo ink will stay behind.

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