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UN Security Council to Investigate Page Program of the US Congress

Speaker Hastert Cancels Page Program, Triples Funding for Intern Program

Gas Prices Drop To Under $45 A Barrell On Concerns Americans Are Sitting At Home Watching Cable News For The Very Latest On Page Scandal Firestorm

Evangelicals Declare Scandal Marks The Coming of Armageddon - Begin "Duck & Cover" Drills At Homeschools

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh to Head Page Program Probe

Democrats on Secret October Surprise Committee Uncork Champagne, Dance

Prime Minister Of France Cancels US Trip Citing "The Stench of Immorality"

Yes. These are all fake. Except the one about Louis Freeh.

Update - Looks like Louis Freeh isn't going to investigate. But it was seriously talked about.

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