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NPM (pronounced "napalm"), an organization that's done more than its share to degrade Catholic liturgy over the past 30 years, is running an online survey about what qualities in church music motivate Catholics to sing.

However, it's obviously not a professionally-designed or run survey, and the response options are skewed. The only text-related quality they list as an option is "meaningful text". For your average bad church musician, that means "text is emotionally relevant to Me," not "text expresses Catholic theological content" or "text uses reverent, dignified English" -- or even (shock) Latin.

Anyway, feel free to engage in some actual participation.

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For "Other," I put "theological value; chant and plainsong; centered on God and not the congregation."

I don't see the reason for fuss. Adoremus did something similar not too long ago. A survey is not the same as a scientific poll. And maybe the NPM folks are interested in the response of people who bother to care.

The "napalm" comment seems a bit heavy for this site.

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