Musical Metaphor from Pope Benedict


From this article about yesterday's activities on the B16 Bavarian Victory Tour:

"In an organ, the many pipes and voices must form a unity," said Benedict, himself an accomplished pianist. "If here or there something becomes blocked, if one pipe is out of tune, this may at first be perceptible only to a trained ear.

"But if more pipes are out of tune, dissonance ensues and the result is unbearable. Also, the pipes of an organ are exposed to variations of temperature and subject to wear.

"This is an image of our community. Just as in an organ, an expert hand must constantly bring disharmony back to consonance," he said.

Translation for the folk group members out there:
You know how Bobby can't seem to tune his E string right? Well... it sounds bad. And you don't want bad sound on things like "On Eagle's Wings."


Gotta have the obligatory dig on modern hymns.

Was that too snarky? I only meant it to be slightly snarky.

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