If only he'd called me.


Oh, dear. My archbishop has committed a bit of a faux pas: starting a blog, and a bit awkwardly.

Good evening.

I’m sure your day has been just as full as mine. I began my day by celebrating mass at the Cathedral Rectory Chapel at 7:30 this morning and had a productive meeting with the Presbyteral Council from 10:30 until 2:00 this afternoon.

Well, at least we know it's authentic, then. (And yes, I checked, the domain name does belong to the Archdiocese.)

Anyway, welcome to the Catholic blogosphere, your M&Ms!


How will the Cardinal Archbishop be received by St. Blogs?

Will he be shunned and have to start his own Clerical Web Ring?

Will we see his name in the comboxes at Bettnet, Amy's and Mark Shea's? Subscribing to Save Holy Trinity Yahoo Group?

More importantly, is it a mortal or merely a venial sin to flame the local ordinary??

RC: I don't get it. What's awkward about it?

Well, some of it's kind of boring, isn't it?

"I... had a productive meeting" -- apparently on no topic whatsoever.

On the Internet, it's a sin to be boring.

I'm not sure what you were expecting. I wasn't expecting a tell-all, insider's look at the inner workings of the archdiocese. In fact, I think it's refreshing because it doesn't read at all like a filtered p.r. effort.

I don't find it boring either. His entry today gives some insight into the man and some promise for tomorrow of photos from San Giovanni Rotondo and his homily for the Mass he will celebrate there for Padre Pio's feast.

I see this as a great blessing, and I hope and pray more to follow.

Ah, Richard,His Eminence should have asked you to help him put forth into the deep waters of blogging. Duc in altum! I do look forward to reading his homily at San Giovanni Rotondo.

Whew. What a busy day! Mass for half an hour, and a three-and-a-half hour meeting. When does that man sleep?

I'm not sure why you made negative comments. I find the blog quite interesting and fun to read. It's a nice insight to a life that is very different from mine, and I appreciate his taking the time to write it.

yes ! and also, how lovely that he managed to find the time to photograph HIMSELF from so many angles in la città eterna.


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