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We're bracing ourself for rain, wind, & exaggerated media reports of the storm-induced mayhem coming from our amigo Ernesto. I had to cut the dog walk short today for fear of turning a happy, dry dog into a stinky, wet dog.

Anytime you see pictures of flooding - just remember these 15 seconds of classic NBC morning TV. The Newsbusters story is here.

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Gee, the hysterical about global warming are having a bad hurricane season.National Geographic magazine editors must really be in a funk. Their Aug. 2006 issue had front page screaming headlines: "No end in sight--KILLER HURRICANES."
It seems with its twisted Judas Gospel discovery distortions and sensationalism and its killer hurricane--global warming hysteria that NG has become nothing but a colorful tabloid rag whose only goal is to build up its circulation with hype rather than provide sound, sober, accurate information in a well-photographed, popular format package.

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