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This month's pig-pile is on the Israeli government.

Because when an enemy is indiscriminately launching rockets into your cities and towns, it's important to act with proportion.

And don't make it look like you've any planning or preparation for such as operation. That will just make people (including Catholic Bishops) question your intentions.

Only God knows when Israel will get a break. Every concession they make only results in more demands from the terrorists in the region. Every defensive act they take is condemned. And the global media gets spoon-fed propaganda and doctored photos.


Amen to that brother.

Israel's massive bombardment of southern Lebanon left many people in the region with the suspicion that Israel's military operation had been planned well in advance of the July provocation by the Hezbollah militia, said a delegation from the World Council of Churches.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this sort of thing called "contingency planning" -- I expect Israel may have similar plans on file in the event of a provocation from Iran or Syria.

God forbid they should be prepared to react in the event they are attacked.

It is amazing how much garbage from anti-Israeli sources was let loose in the almost totally useless mainstream media. And naturally there was little follow-up or analysis or warranted vicious critiques of how badly-as is becoming common-- the American media did on this story. Since most American Jews are strongly pro-Israel it certainly blows to bits one of the oldest anti-Semitic rantings in this country--that Jews somehow "control" the media.

Well ... both the Catechism and the Compendium thereof teach that one of the criteria for legitimate defense by military force (aka just war) is that the response not produce more evils/disorders than one is trying to eliminate.

In that sense, "proportionality" is, in principle, a pretty basic moral requirement.

Yes, sometimes it's misinterpreted - but rightly understood, it can't be dismissed as optional.

Now, whether Israel's response is proportionate in the CCC's sense is an empirical question.

I'm not sure that the answer is obvious either way.

I'd note, though, that they seem to have produced a lot of damage - even though probably of the "collateral," i.e., unintended variety - and also that their bombing and so on doesn't actually seem to have done much to stop Hezbollah from shooting rockets and so on.

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