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"Some issues morally ‘non-negotiable’"

“On most issues that come before voters or legislators, the task is selecting the most effective policy to implement or apply a moral principle. Good Catholics must embrace the principles, but most of the time there isn’t a specifically ‘Catholic position’ on the best way to implement that principle,” the guide states.

“But some issues concern ‘non-negotiable’ moral principles that do not admit of exception or compromise,” the guide continues. “One’s position either accords with those principles or does not. No one endorsing the wrong side of these issues can be said to act in accord with the church’s moral norms.”

A couple of thoughts: Catholic Answers is an outstanding organization, and they produce wonderfully engaging and accurate publications.

You'll also note that "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" is not on the non-negotiable list.

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform" is not on the non-negotiable list.

That particular one seems irrelvant as both parties seem to favor some sort of reform.

Even more bad news - the GOP seems to be moving in the wrong direction with recent Plan B. I think I will be moving to Plan T this fall - as in Third party.

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